Flash Lads

Flash Lads

The Wheeze and Suck Band on this CD are:
Ian (The Pump) Macintosh – Vocals, Melodeon, Guitar, Electronics & Frock

Tony (Pyro) Pyrzakowski – Vocals, Electronic & Acoustic
Fiddles & Horns

Geoff (One Shot Woody) Woodhead – Vocals, Guitar &
Marked Deck.

Johnny (Red Tips) Milce – Drums, Percussion,
Management & Claw

Nigel (Muddy) Walters – Vocals, Cello Mandolin, Mandolin, Appalachian Dulcimer, Banjo, Ukulele & Snacks.

1. TNT – Dynamite/Gelignite/Vegemite (Pyrzakowski)
Having sold his soul to the devil in return for his fiery red fiddle, Pyro lets rip with the rest of the Wheezers for three original explosive fiddle tunes.

2. Tom Cleaver (For the Ale) (Macintosh)
An Oxfordshire Morris dancer reminiscing over a pint or three, autobiographical, partly truth, partly fiction. You guess which is which. Oh yes, and total respect to The Stranglers for inspiring the outro. One Shot leads.

3. The Flash Lad (Trad. arr. Wheezers) / Diablo’s Revenge (Pyrzakowski) / El Lado Oscuro De La Taberna (Macintosh) / Un Fistful De Dolares ( Walters, Pyrzakowski)
Lad marries lass with expensive tastes and then goes to ‘the bad’ as a highwayman. He requests a modest funeral and his damned soul is snatched away to hell by a demon mounted upon Goya’s nightmare stallion. But is death really the end? Que sera sera.!

4. Ditching Boy (Richard Thompson. arr. Wheezers)
One of several great songs from Richard Thompson’s debut album, “Henry the Human Fly”, reborn through its contemporary relevance and Muddy’s timeless singing.

5. Gentlemen Of High Renown (Trad. arr. Wheezers)
The death of Bold Reynard the fox, as recounted in the famous Copper family song and sung by the Pump & One Shot.

6. Wexford’s Fancy (Walters)
A cracking original tune named after ‘The Inspector’.

7. William Walker (Walters. arr. Pyrzakowski)
In 1900 it was discovered that the 900 year old Winchester cathedral was gradually sinking into the Hampshire peat. William Walker, an ex navy diver, was commissioned to dive into pits, 6 metres deep, filled with impenetrable dense water to shore the foundations with cement and stone. The task took 6 years. The first statue of William Walker that was commissioned, through a mix up, was given the wrong face.

8. Bean Setting / Beaux Of London City (Shooting) (Trad. arr. Wheezers)
Fasten safety belts! Two of the Cotswolds finest Morris tunes, from Brackley and Adderbury respectively, delivered with the Wheezers usual panache.

9. Down Workers Down (Macintosh)
Pump asked himself ” How would Ewan McColl have reacted to this world of individual workplace agreements, outsourcing and massive executive payouts?” This song is an attempt to answer the question.

10. Roll The Woodpile Down / Yellow Girls (Trad. arr. Wheezers)
Two traditional shanties as seen through the Wheezers ‘glass darkly’. Pump rolls the woodpile down and Muddy plays dulcimer and sings Yellow Girls (with a nod to Bob Fox for his terrific version of this traditional song).

11. The Day The Virgin Mary Came To Coogee. (Macintosh)
A true record of the mysterious phenomenon that took place on Coogee beach, Sydney, in the summer of 2006.Maximum respect to ‘George Formby, late of Wigan’ (But that is another story for another album)

12. Cornish Leaving Song (Trad. arr.Wheezers)
It’s time for us to go…by way of darkness of course. A shanty sung to departing sailors.